Redesign your smile in a matter of hours at Springville Dentistry with dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Put simply, they are new teeth built to last you a lifetime. Dental implants use metal posts to lock down or secure a false tooth (or teeth) on top. Titanium screws are secured to your jawbone to provide lasting anchors to your teeth. You\'ll get a full set of full-mouth implants in just one visit. No more dentures, missing teeth, or failed dentistry. Get a gorgeous smile in just hours.

Replace one tooth or a whole set of teeth in less time than ever, saving you time and money!

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Look younger, no sagging cheek or jawbones
  • Natural-looking replacement for teeth
  • Comfortable, secure set of teeth
  • Never replace teeth again with regular oral care
  • Restore your ability to eat, chew and smile again
  • A permanent fix to awkward dentures
  • 95% success rate

With this proven treatment, your dental implants can restore your smile in less time than ever. Using world-class NobelSmile® dental implants you can enhance your teeth, replace teeth, or upgrade from dentures.

Need to replace a whole set of teeth?


The revolutionary All-On-4-Teeth, full-mouth implant procedure uses dental implants to get a new set of teeth and never replace them again!  Your new set of teeth is simply locked down and secured with four titanium posts. Never remove teeth again!

Eat, smile, talk, and chew with confidence in your new smile.

Call Springville Dentistry today to see how you can get a new set of teeth in just hours! We offer a complimentary VIP dental implant consultation with a 3D CT scan.


** "All on Four" is a Registered Trademark of Nobel Biocare. The Doctors at Springville Dentistry have been trained by Nobel Biocare in the surgical and restorative aspects of the All-on-Four concept. To offer top-quality implants to our patients, based on their restorative needs, our implant services may include a number of Premium Implant Products including Neodent, Nobel Biocare, Straumman, or Implant Direct.  


"Big thanks to Dr.Swenson and staff, getting an implant placed was a bit of a frightening thing but the procedure went quick and near painless. Excellent care deserves Excellent rating!"

Brycep - Salem

"Dr. Swenson did a great job with my implant. He explained everything in detail, answered all my questions (including calling me before the procedure), and explained all my options. The procedure started on time, the nitrous oxide kept me calm, and the aftercare has been great. I had some trepidation before the procedure, but it went really well."