Romantic young couple sleeping in bed

Sedation Dentistry, or sleep dentistry, offers you the ability to sit back, relax and get the smile of your dreams... literally!

Dental phobia is extremely common. Fortunately, Sedation Dentistry is a safe, effective alternative to help you get a new, healthier smile.

Springville Dentistry can put you at ease in the dental chair with trusted experience.

Get all the benefits of restorative dental care without the memory of an uncomfortable experience. As a sedated patient you are aware of dental care on a detached level but in a relaxed manner. Sedation also allows most procedures to be completed in one day, making it an overall convenient and effective method of dentistry. We offer both oral and IV sedation.

Here are a few examples of patients who should consider sedation dentistry:

  • Patients who need extensive surgical work or dental implants
  • Patients who have A bad gag reflex or limited jaw opening
  • Patients who are anxious or have dental fears
  • Patients who have limited dental experience (young children)

In addition to giving the patient peace of mind, sedation dentistry makes it easier to give you a higher level of quality care. While there are different types of sedation, IV sedation is the most predictable, often allowing you to sleep through the entire procedure. You likely will not even remember what procedures took place or how long it took!

Best of all, many insurance companies cover a portion of sedation fees - particularly for young children and oral surgery call Springville Dentistry today at (801) 4489-9456 to schedule your appointment. Relax with Sedation!